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Breech Plug Removal

No, no. I am convinced, I will not attempt to remove the plug from this rifle. Anyway, I have a ball and patch puller on the way. I was just curious---I have another (cheaper) muzzleloader with a breech plug that the manufacturer recommends removing to clean. However, it is cap-ignited.

And, yeah, I seem to attract a lot of talkers right at the point I am trying to load. Once it distraced me enough to dry-load or -ball a pistol. Fortunately, an experienced friend with me recommended I remove the nipple and try to get as much powder as I could in the hole behind the ball. It worked. Two lessons learned, 1) this trick and 2) either suspend the conversation until loading is done, or stop and finish the conversation, then resume.

Learning alot from you folks too. Thanks again!
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