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12ga Shotgun Help

Hi everyone Im looking for a 12ga for home defense. I just sold a 20ga Winchester model 1300. I was using that for home defense.

Im looking for a new or used 12ga in the price range of $300-$380. I'm on a limited budget.

I have looked at Mossbergs and Remingtons. I noticed that has an 870 for $348.00 but have no idea about it.

I have also seen two Mossbergs that are used from J&G sales and the price range $229-$269. These are both police returns.

I want just a plain jane looking 12ga nothing fancy and one that I can mod if I want to later on.

So tell me what I should look at?

What do you think of Police return guns?

Will the police return guns be to abused?

I will take any and all advice on this. Thanks everyone.
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