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B.L.E. A ball puller is good to have because one of these days, you will dry load the gun. All it takes is someone talking to you while you are loading.
The term is "Dry-Balling" and during our classes we get many questions. I do most of the loading for the students especially on large classes. At times, I have to load two different rifles and have learned the hard way, not to reply to questions right off. I wait till I complete what I'm doiing, insert my range-rod and answer the question. A ball puller or screw jag is a must as well as a patch jag. Very inexpensive and you will get a lot of use out of it. I still do !!

As far as removing the breech plug, I too would suggest that you shy away from doing it. Would most definitely be threaded and have only had to do one, with the proper tools and it still showed. Might want to ask yourself if it really needs to be done? However, it's your rifle, your reason and your call.

Be Safe !!!
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