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S&W 32 Hand Ejector Third Model DA Revolver

This is gun #6 in my series.

This is Smith & Wesson Hand Ejector Third Model DA Revolver (also called a Model I Hand Ejector Third Model). This particular gun was made in 1920-1921 and has had it's grip rebuilt/modified to a longer square shape with custom walnut bur stocks. 273,683 of these were made between 1911 to 1942.

The gun has 70-80% of it's original blue with a fair amount of "plum" developing. It is mechanically excellent. The barrel is in fine condition.

According to Fjestad's Blue Book, 30th Ed, it is probably worth between $300-$500. Shediler's indicates an excellent examples is worth $350.

Thoughts? Commentary?
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