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Would you cut a barrel down?

The two heirloom shotguns I have are 16g. As far as value, they are worthless. One a Winchester Model 12. 29" barrel, full cylinder bore choke and not a lick of bluing. My grandpa shot many a squirrel and rabbit during the lean times to feed my mom and grandma. The other is an H&R Topper 48. The H&R I simply carry it in the truck for camp varmint. I want a HD shotgun and was wondering if I should leave the Model 12 alone and keep an eye open at the local pawn shop for a 12g or 20g pump. I have hunting 12g and 20g's. Maybe I should try my hand with the Model 12 in the dove field and leave the old hunter intact. What about cutting the H&R down?
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