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I have a number of the P series SIG's, as well as a P250. I like them all, and all have been accurate and reliable.

The 250's trigger is more like a much smoother, lighter version of the standard DA trigger you find on most SIG's. It is a somewhat long "stroke", but its very easy to shoot well with, and its a VERY nice trigger. I'm not one of the people who seem to be hung up on the reset thing, so its not a bother to me, nor is it with any of the other pistols I own, so its just not SIG.

The P250's grip, or at least the P250C in 9mm's grip, is the most comfortable in the hand of the P series SIG's I own. In its "compact" form, its about the same size as a P229, just a bit lighter and less bulky. They are close enough in size and shape, that the holsters for my P229's work well with the P250, and are a near perfect fit.

The only thing I've noticed with the P250 that is somewhat negative, but is a shooter generated issue, and one that is common with all SIG's, is the issue of using a thumbs forward grip and the thumb hitting the slide stop. With most P series guns, it causes the slide to go forward on an empty mag, with my P250, it will do that, as well as cause it to lock the slide back while the mag still has rounds in it. I dont know if the P250's stop is more sensitive, or if its something else. Its not a big deal really, you just have to learn to shift your thumb slightly, or if you use a different grip, its not an issue at all.
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