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Why No Dove Hunting in NY?

Does anyone know much about the situation in New York State as to how there isn't any dove hunting? I'm told that doves are listed as a songbird so thus aren't huntable unless they get officially changed to game birds by legislative action. Has this been discussed much or attempted? They're scratching their heads trying to come up with ways to get more youth hunters so why not that? It's probably the second most popular form of hunting there is at all and is PERFECT for introducing new and youth hunters. Plus it adds another additional use for land so more income for landowners, which in turn generates more revenue for the state also in increased license fees and ammo sales. LOTS of people here shoot clays so it's using an existing known base of people which could get even bigger still.

I brought this up at a DEC meeting and they told me it's a great idea that they like but nobody's been talking about it much so it hasn't been asked for. What are your thoughts on this?
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