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One Oz:

Thanks for the info.

FYI - Dewings is out. They have been shuttered for more than a year.

There is suppose to be a "sporting goods" store going in the same location that will have a "gun room" but they are having trouble getting on the ground due to West Palm Beach permitting issues. Typical.

All the bling, blink that was at Dewings is now at the GM in Palm Beach Gardens - all the commission stuff from the wealthy folks that had to sell off due to Bernie Madoff (i.e., the folks from Palm Beach and Jupiter Islands.)

You should see the gun room at GM, at the moment it is stocked to the hilt with anything you want.

B guns.
P guns.
K guns.......L ray-guns..........

But a few examples:

Matched pair of 28 gauge, B-25's, Grade VI (fantastic, beautiful)

1960 Winchester 101 with four tube sets

1990 Citori, Grade VI with four tube set, fixed stock (Very Nice and affordable. It would be mine if I was working)

Beretta EELL's

Several MX-2000's.........etc.

And for the Live Bird Crowd:

Merkel B12 (I think) sxs

Seveal Parkers............on and on........quite the candy store at the moment.

Hated to see Dewings go down.
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