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Dogtown Tom, the friend is not alleged, he is real (as in: it's NOT me), but when I contacted him he told me he sold it about 6 months ago, so it's someone else's problem, apparently. I did, however, give him the "head's up" on what you told me (and what I read after thoroughly reviewing the C&R list), so I'm hoping he will contact the purchaser and let him know.

The worst thing I own is a Chinese contract Inglis with a Canadian holster stock, so I think I'm OK. (Well, I do have a an Austrian marked Mauser with matching Austrian marked stock, too, but I haven't perpetrated any acts of violent mayhem with it yet)

I have other Class III stuff as well, and I don't take any stupid risks by having, shall we say, less than kosher things around; Not worth it.
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