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Getting ready for my first hunt

I grew up hunting rabbits and ground squirrels to protect our family's garden, and for years I've wanted to move on to larger game. Finally finances, work situation, and a more experienced hunting partner are all lined up for this year!

I'm in WA and bought the deer+elk+bear+cougar+small game license. Although I'd love to get out after deer, it's looking unlikely. Been putting in huge amounts of overtime (to help pay for all the new hunting gear ) and there are work conflicts on the deer season weekends. So my first taste of big game hunting will be back packing in to the William O. Douglas wilderness for elk. Maybe not the ideal situation for a newb, but it beats not going at all.

I've been looking into the backpacking part of the equation, but I'm looking for a good source for info about the wily elk. Any online resources you all would recommend? I've found a couple anatomy charts as a guide for where to shoot, but I'm still looking for hunting strategies etc. Thanks all.
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