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First Bow Kill 2009

Mathews REEZEN draws it's first blood. Birthday gift from the wife, she was quite happy I killed with it. Not a great big deer but not one I'd throw back.

Back Story:
I was just sitting there Saturday evening, about 6:30, I hear a deer slipping down the ridge toward me. It’s been raining so the leaves aren’t very loud. He was checking out a trail that I guess does had been using. He stopped just right at 18 yds. I held the pin too him, but I dropped a bit on the shot. It hit a bit low and forward. When the arrow hit him, his front leg kicked the arrow at a 45 degree angle back and went out guts. Well I get down thinking the shot was a bit low, but still thru the heart. When I got to my arrow, stomach material. My heart sank as well. I had good blood just mixed. I started into it for about 15 yds and decided to turn around and head to the truck. Just to give him some time. I down loaded what I didn’t need and went back after him. I took a different trail back to my stand and walked right up to him. NICE!, no work involved. He’s not much but will do. The shot took off the back of his heart. Might have gone 60 yds.

Forgot to put Stats.
- Mathews Reezen 7.0
- Grim Reaper broadhead
- Carbon Tech Arrow




I got one picture of him on the trail camera. I thought he was a 6 from the pic. But he has the same funky tines.
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