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JohnKSa: A guy posted in General Discussion about some guns left to him and his sister. One of them is a BHP with a wooden case/shoulder stock.

It would be nice if someone could chime in and discuss any legal issues he needs to address as a result.
Without more pictures of the HP AND the stock you can't say for sure.
Some (very few) Hi Powers are exempt from the NFA:
From ATF Curios & Relics List
The Bureau has determined that by reason of the date of their manufacture, value, design and other characteristics, the following firearms are primarily collector's items and are not likely to be used as weapons and, therefore, are excluded from the provisions of the National Firearms Act.

Further, the Bureau has determined that such firearms are also curios or relics as defined in 27 CFR 478.11. Thus, licensed collectors may acquire, hold, or dispose to them as curios or relics subject to the provisions of 18 U.S.C. Chapter 44 and 27 CFR Part 478. They are still "firearms" as defined in 18 U.S.C. Chapter 44.

Belgian, Pre-war mfd. Hi Power pistols, in cal. 9mm having tangent sights graduated to 500
meters, slotted for shoulder stock, having S/Ns of less than 47,000 without letter prefixes
or suffixes and accompanied by original Belgian mfd. detachable wooden flat board type
shoulder stocks.

Browning Hi power pistols, 9mm having tangent sights graduated to 500 meters, slotted for shoulder
stock, having S/Ns less than T200,000 etched vertically on the right side of slide, barrel, or
frame and bearing crest of Emirates of Muscat & Oman, or mirror image of such crest,
accompanied by original detachable wooden flat board shoulder stocks.

Canadian, Inglis No. 1, Chinese Contract, Hi Power pistols, cal. 9mm parabellum, having a
tangent rear sight adjustable from 50 to 500 meters, slotted for shoulder stock, and having
the letters C in the S/N
A prewar HP with an Inglis stock (whether original or not) is NOT EXEMPT from the NFA. Similarily, an Inglis Hi Power with a prewar "flatboard" stock is NOT EXEMPT from the NFA.

PTK: Federally, there aren't any.
Uh, nope, only the National Firearms Act. It's no biggie though

JohnKSa: Ok, this is something I've never researched very carefully. Why doesn't the gun constitute an SBR and require the NFA hoops since it comes with a shoulder stock? Is it because it's old enough to qualify as a curio/collectible? Or is it because it's an inheritance?
If it is listed in the ATF C&R List AND has the correct stock it is exempt from NFA. A HP listed in the C&R List BUT with an incorrect stock is not exempt, and would require a tax stamp for a SBR.

PTK Indeed. Those Inglis BHPs are VERY accurate, too - absurdly so for a 9x19.
The Hi Power in the photo is NOT an Inglis. The rollmark is that of an FN manufactured Hi Power.

I'll post this to both threads.

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