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I figure I'll be needing a luber-sizer soon and was looking for recommendation. Over at Midway the RCBS is highest rated by reviewers (customers?) Do ya'll agree? Also is a heater highly recommended?
I have owned and used both. I prefer the Lyman over the RCBS because the ratchet system for pressurizing the lube. With the ratchet, it is easy to give just one little nudge and then reset the handle back exactly where it was. With the RCBS, the handle does not reset, it continues for 180 degrees and then you can push it to the other side. I felt I had more control with the Lyman by far (too much pressure and lube will flow under the bullet). Also, heater are only needed if you use hard lubes. I use NRA 50-50 Alox/beeswax so I never had a use for the heaters.
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