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I did a write up on a USP a while ago comparing it to my Hk P7. Here it is. I wasn't impressed. Good reliable gun, but I prefer others.

Ok, this is just my opinion after just returning from shooting both handguns. After an extensive search for the best CCW 9mm that I can find, the Hk P7 ended up getting my vote. I have several of them now, and believe they are one of the finest handguns available. Recently, I had been considering trading a P7 for an Hk USP. This morning I went to the range and tried the Hk P7 along with an Hk USP. Here is what I discovered comparing the two.

Trigger: USP double action was long and heavy, not smooth by any stretch of the imagination. Single action was acceptable.
P7 trigger is single action and amazingly crisp and smooth. I prefer the SA to the DA/SA setup.
I give the trigger edge to the P7.

Size: USP is a large 9mm. Looking at it from behind I could not believe how thick the gun is. Much larger than expected.
P7 is nearly sub-compact sized with a single stack magazine.
It really depends what you are looking for. I prefer the size of the P7 because I use it for CCW and home defense.

Capacity: with only 8 rounds the P7 loses out in this area. I'm not too concerned about the average gun battle or shooting situation needing more than that though.

Reliability: both functioned flawlessly on Federal Premium HST ammo in 147 grain. Each handgun put about 200 rounds through it. I've yet to have any Hk fail to feed, extract, eject, etc. One thing that the USP was doing is releasing the slide on it's own when I loaded a magazine into it. Not a huge deal and actually makes loading quicker, but it is technically a glitch if I were to get picky.
It's a slight edge to the P7 as it has no glitches whatsoever.

Comfort: I thought the USP was a little bulky and not very ergonomic. The trigger was biting the pad of my pointer finger while firing. I tried to adjust my grip and finger position and it just wasn't working right so I had to accept the trigger bite. What caused this was the trigger jamming my finger into the bottom of the trigger housing. Painful, but no blood. The USP did soak up the recoil quite well due to it's size.
P7 recoil is felt a touch more than the USP, but no trigger bite.
Overall I give P7 the heads up only because of the trigger bite issue.
Note-200 rounds and no problems with the P7 and heat. Maybe because the handguns were alternating.

Controls: The USP controls were a little hard to reach. With the P7 having the magazine release at the bottom of the frame it is not single hand operation though. This is about a draw in my opinion.

Accuracy: One ragged hole through the center of the target. It was hard to tell which was more accurate. I should have taken more time by using different targets but I didn't. I think the P7 does have a slight edge though.

Safety: USP has a decocker while the P7 has the squeeze cocker safety and slide release. I like how the P7 controls the gun with a minimal amount of levers.
I give the edge to the P7.

What else? I just have a fondness for the P7 which makes me biased towards it. In shooting both guns I came to the realization that the P7 won't be out the door in a trade for a USP. Up next might be a P2000 test, not sure yet. The P7 is still #1 in my book. I did also take along my CZ 75B in .40. It's had lighter springs installed and a home trigger job. I believe it also shot more accurate, smoother, more comfortably, and had better ergos than the USP. I like the USP quite a bit, but I preferred the cheaper CZ over it!
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