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If you're casting, take a look at the 300gr. Lee RN with a gas check.

With one of the proper slower powders, you can push this up to the 1500fps range and come just short of 45-70 power with a Marlin or model 92 carbine. The SWC's I mention do not have gas checks, and wouldn't probably be appropriate. I've used it in carbines and Ruger only loads and had good luck with 2400, H110, and AA#9. A big flat surface on the bullet will help kill with ease. I've also used the RCBS 255, 270 and a Castboolit 310 that is modeled after NEI's bullet. All have killed well. I generally like the bullet to be going 900fps or more, and would not have considered the 45ACP bullet (230gr). It sounded like you wanted the light plinker for deer hunting at 100 yards.

A stunt is something you do to proove it can be done whether appropriate or not. Hunting deer with 230gr. bullet in a 45 Colt wouldn't be usual or nearly as effective as another bullet like the ones I've mentioned.

Max loads for the 300gr. bullet would be :H110 at 22gr., OR Lil Gun at 20gr., or AA#9 at 15gr. (only a 20,000CUP load and you can take this farther with data and supervision), and 16gr. of 2400 Good luck!!

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