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There's also something really cool about a happy dog who knows he's done exactly what you wanted him to do.
Ain't that the truth?

A quick dog hunting story. We got permission to hunt a farm we didn't lease, but the owner let us hunt a couple times a year. I got the assignment to go in on a place we leased and cut the drive off on the back side. I had the place to myself, just pick a spot and move around as needed.

I got in position and the drive started and the dogs hit right away and the chase was on. I listened and it sounded like the pack split up. Most went one way, but a couple were coming toward me. It wasn't long before I saw a deer, but it was too far away to take a shot (shotgun and buckshot). She went on over the hill and out of sight with two dogs trailing her. Before long I couldn't hear the dogs either.

I relaxed and listened to the chase in front of me. They weren't coming near me, but it was a good chase anyway. I'm sure I heard a shot or two from over there, but can't swear to it today.

About an hour later I spotted a doe coming down the hill toward me. She was just walking, and looking around. When she came in range, I dropped her with two loads of number 1's. It was the third deer I'd ever killed in my life, and I had just killed no 2 a week or so before, so man I was pumped.

Then I heard one dog bow-wowing, so I got ready again. Before long I realized that the dog was trailing the deer I just killed. He came right down the same track right up to the deer laying on the ground and gave me a "THERE IT IS! I knew I'd catch it. IT'S MINE!!" look. Man he was proud of himself.

It was one of the same two dogs (beagle's) that had come by me earlier. They had carried that deer in a big circle, just like a rabbit will do. I'm not even sure she knew the dog was behind her she was so far ahead. I had killed her before I even heard the dog. He was so tired I thought we'd have to carry him out of the woods, but he had never given up.
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