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It's not a stunt. I've killed several deer with the .45 Colt, more with the .44 Mag but in both cases the loads were similar- either a 240 or heavier JHP at around 1300 fps, or a 250-260 grain SWC at 1000-1100 fps.

All of them will make clean kills on deer if placed properly. The more durable bullets allow you to shoot through more meat and bone to get to the vitals, such as when the deer presents itself at a less than ideal angle.

If you want to 'take a deer down' however the best way I've found to do it is to wreck the spine, ideally at the point where it meets the shoulder. Heavy, solid bullets will do this as well as anything but you have to place them with precision and be willing to keep on hammering them when things don't go according to plans.
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