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Walkers are probably the most popular dogs, but beagles are/were gaining favor for just this reason. (I never saw a bluetick, or a black and tan I'd have given ten cents for. That'll start an argument. )
No argument here. I've hunted with blue ticks and black and tans and walkers. My dogs were always beagles though. For exactly the reasons you cited. Those long legged dogs put the deer in high gear. I'd rather them stick to a comfortable trot with a short legged little beagle on their track.

There's also something really cool about a happy dog who knows he's done exactly what you wanted him to do. Back about 5 years ago, I had an old beagle that had hunted many a season. We turned him and 3 others out one morning in a big thicket on the property we hunt. The deer and dogs separated and took off in opposite directions. One deer was brought down, but there was a pack of 3 dogs trailing a herd of does in circles in the thicket.

A buck broke out through the standers and headed for the highway. I heard my dog heading after him and slung my gun and took off at a trot up an old logging road to cut them off. I got to a cut off point just ahead of the deer and tucked in behind a cedar tree. The deer came trotting up and stopped and looked back at the dog a couple hundred yards behind him. He started to trot again and I rolled him in the logging road. My dog came running up to me wagging his tail and just happy. He then sat his fat butt down right beside my gun while I dealt with the deer.

I lost him about 3 years ago to old age. He was my last hunting dog. Too many nights out looking for him when he got past the standers.
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