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Deer hunting with dogs in the state of Ohio is a big no-no. Matters-a-fact, most DNR will tell you if your hunting and see a dog running deer 'drop it'. I think that attitude started around mid to late 60`s when the deer pop. was bad(to say the least) and DNR was trying to build our herd. We`ve got a great deer pop. today. It is legal to track a 'hit' deer with a dog. I believe the dog has to stay leashed. If someone`s state allows hunting with dogs its not cheating IMO, when in Rome... Sometimes attitudes towards different styles of hunting can be compared to religion, my ways right and everyone else is going to hell. People are raised hunting a certain way and anyone that varies from their way is wrong. Usually that type of person has never hunted to far from their own back door. Different states allow different style`s of hunting for different reason`s. Never deer hunted with dogs but if its legal where your at 'go for it'.
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