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Everybody starts somewhere. If the OP has common sense he should be fine. No need to hire a guide unless you are after a huge trophy bull and not a meat/thrill of the hunt Elk. Hunting the mountains isn't rocket science and it doesn't need to be made out like it is.

You're not going camping
uhh, yes he is, hunting is camping/hiking with a gun. Most of the replies (including mine) would be no different if somebody were asking about camping and hiking in the Rockies. Save for one fact, he needs to have a quality pack frame (with a shelf) and be ready to use it. I'd keep the frame with me while out & about, it really sucks to down an animal and have to hike all the way to camp to get the frame that you could have been using to haul the essential survival gear.

your military training won't do you a whole lot of good.
Pretty general statement dont you think? If he said he went to "Advanced Logistical Administrative Scool", yeah, you'd probably be right. I went USMC mountain warfare school and I'd say it would be helpfull in mountain hunting. Funny thing is, his handle just says that he is retired military (likely Artillary). This means he could have served a fair amount of time as a forward observer and has had some pretty good training that would apply. Try not to make assumptions. He is just asking for a little inside advice from people who have hunted similar terrain/weather.

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