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Come on now - zippy and oneounce - my friends, you are just being old farts ....( and for a while longer, I'm only I'm still a pup you old guys...)

There is no reason - even if I wanted a custom gun ( from Kolar or Krieghoff ) - to order it without screw in chokes and an adjustable parallel comb ..... so you could take the same beautiful custom gun on a Dove or Pheasant hunt, out for some Skeet or out to shoot some Sporting Clays.

I know the adjustable comb and the screw-in chokes aren't "fashionable" on custom guns ....but I'd put them on any custom gun I I could use it for everything ( and order it in 30" barrels / with a carrier barrel / and a full set of Tubes in 20, 28ga and .410 - and a full set of screw in chokes for all 4 gagues ( and the 60 lb gun case to haul it around in ).
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