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Im originally from southeastern North Carolina, the deer-dogging capital of the US, as far as I know. I grew up hunting deer with dogs, but gave it up when I became an adult and realised that its a lazy, shameful way to hunt. I've got more respect for myself, and for the deer, than to do that again.

Pratice varies from club to club, but in a typical deer/dog hunt, the hunter sits on the tailgate of his pickup, drinking coffee until the deer run across the road. he'll lift his shotgun, fire a load or two of buckshot, and then hope he can catch the dogs before the tear the deer up too much.

I hunted with many different clubs growing up, and Most years I saw the radiator of a truck get shot out. Even saw my father hit the dirt once when buckshot came wizzing over his head from an over-zealous dog hunter with buck feever. Disagree with me if you like, but my personal feeling is that hunting deer with hounds should be banned.

Deer that have been run by dogs all day are tough, and their meat has a very gamey, somewhat chemical taste to it.

And the big, smart bucks, they know how to evade the dogs.
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