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Originally Posted by oneounceload
yes, there are still guns made without screw-in chokes
And they are typically the higher-end guns to boot......
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Yep. For some time, target specific (trap or skeet) shotguns were made with fixed chokes while screw-ins were used only in field guns. To the serious competitor, screw-in chokes were just something more to go wrong and they were to be avoided. There were even reports that no two screw-ins would have the same exact point of impact. An experienced shooter knew what chokes he wanted in his target guns and ordered them accordingly. The factory would provide the fixed chokes you wanted. Or, they came with tight chokes and had them sized to your specifications by a third party. With the custom coke work, these tended to be higher end guns.

Entry level target guns with screw-in chokes have become the norm as sporting clays gained popularity and screw-in chokes improved. Every year, there are fewer and fewer entry level skeet guns marketed with with fixed chokes. To reach a greater market they have screw-in chokes and are called "sporting" guns. My entry-level trap model Remington 1100 and Beretta 682x have factory screw-in chokes. On the other hand, my Perazzi skeet guns have fixed chokes, one being the Tula style. My "sporting" Perazzi started life as a fixed choke skeet gun, but it's been re-stocked and visited with Briley for an assortment of screw-ins. For skeet, I still prefer a fixed choke gun. For trap, the screw-ins are convenient for yardage changes.

I assume you are referring to the Eastern Snowbird, the western variety isn't quite as tasty and tends to be tougher.
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