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NC is split right down the middle on this issue. Eastern part of the state and some parts of the Central Region (basically north of I-85) you can use dogs to chase deer. The Western Region and southern end of the Central region is off limits to deer dogging.

I have owned deer dogs and hunted with them in the past. It's definitely a more 'social' type of hunting where you need more than a few people and need to work together to cut off the deer and/or the dogs.

You are talking short range shooting, primarily with shotguns and buckshot, in thick woods/brush or along the edges of same. I've killed quite a few deer with a Beagle, Blue Tick or Walker right on his heels.

As more large tracts of land are being split and subdivided dog hunting is falling out of favor. Neighbors don't like it, understandably so, when the deer and dogs get by the standers and run all over their property. Dog hunters and non-dog hunters get into disputes as the two hunting styles clash (and I've found myself on both sides of that one).

For me personally, it isn't worth the expense or hassle anymore, but I do respect the tradition and support others in hunting with dogs where legal.
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