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Reply to Rangefinder, comments to various others

Rangefinder, Specific hunt location is just south of Kremmling, CO. Weather there this week has been lows from 14 to 24, and highs in the 40's and 50's. But we won't hunt until Oct 17 thru 24th.Weather forecast for 16th and 17th is "snow showers". But that is for the city, and we will be about 2K to 3 K above the city - heavier snow, I guess?

Hogdog ( I think), where do you buy wax to melt and dip strips of corrugated cardboard in for fire starters?

What's with the candles (several have suggested them)? The tents at base camp will have lanterns, so the candles are used for what?

No cotton? Not even over a pair of light thermals, with heavy thermals, i.e., as the third and fourth layer? I do have one pair of Army wool "field pants, and a military wool sweater, and a civilian wool sweater with hood. Have wool socks, plus a pair of those "space socks" (white, thin fabric with conspicuous silver threads - works like the silver emergency blankets, I suppose. Put them next to the skin, or layered over wool socks, or don't use them at all?

You guys are really helping my learning curve, here. AND I'll bet others are reading this thread and learning a lot, too. I need to print out this entire thread and save it for future reference
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