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No, that was not a photo of me. I'm much older than that. That is only a photo from a review that was done on the Weatherby SA-08 last year. Sorry, I did not mean to confuse anyone.

I don't have any personal experience with Weatherby shotguns. I have always used Browning/Winchester or Beretta semiautomatics myself.

Here is a photo of me pheasant hunting with my son and dog:

I gave my son my camo Winchester Super X2 some years ago as a Christmas present, even though it was my favorite treasured hunting shotgun at the time. My son has gotten to be so good at shooting it. He keeps his game shooting skills sharp all year by killing Jack Rabbits. He has become so good at it too. If he spots a Jackrabbit, it is basically dead. They just don't get away from him and his Super X2

This second photo was taken after he had his jaw surgery. He had a real bad overbite and recessed jaw. The operation was a nightmare to recover from, as it was so extensive. But it really changed his looks a lot. His teeth are now perfect, and his bite problems completely solved.

His face looked like something out of a horror movie when he came out of surgery. And he was in so much pain afterward too.

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