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used to the cold?

Don't know if you get into the Northern rockies much (if that is where you are going) but it has the capacity of being a lot colder than you might think on a nice fall Oct hunt. I am in Cooke City, MT right now and the highs have been around the freezing temp. But forecast lows for next few days are below zero and this at about 7500 ft elevation...just sayin'. Also, water can be critical if you have to get off your daily course. Let's say you have been out most of the day, and it starts to get overcast and snow very lightly, and you think it would be a good time to head back to camp. It is at this point, you cut some big fresh elk tracks and you KNOW it had to be in the last 15 min. Are you going to go straight back to camp? I know I couldn't! And I haven't. I ran out of water on this trek and I swore I would never let it happen again. I purchased a portable water purifier (about $75) and make sure I have room for it -even a short day packer. (Oh good fire starter even wet: transistor battery and steel wool) Have a great hunt!
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