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i'm thinking i may go with a used 1100 or 1187 and buy a youth stock for it. for my hunting guns, i prefer synthetic, because face it, if you hunt hard, your gun has a greater chance of showing it. And i absolutley HATE the idea of ruining a good stock. All my hunting guns are synthetic and target/range guns are wood. just my personal preference. I've never been very nice to my shotguns as far as looks go. I see a shotgun more as a tool, thats why I see it as silly to spend more than $700 on one. they may be a tich more reliable (but thats what they invented the art of cleaning firearms, isn't it?), but they aren't any more "accurate". As long as she fits you good, you'll shoot well.

Hogue makes a stock for the remmys with a 12.5" lop. so that should be plenty off of it.

Brownings look good, but in my experience on days below 20 degrees F. they don't function well. a few friends had the gold fusion. they maintained them well, tried a lighter lube and everything, but they just didn't hunt well in the cold and we hunt into the -0 as long as the geese keep flyin by.

One question though, I haven't done a lot of diggin, because i am a little prejudiced against remingtons for various reasons, (but I do know they work as long as their clean) is the difference between the 1100 and 1187 that the 1187 is gas/mechanical and the 1100 is gas only? not that it makes much of a difference, and I believe I'll be goin with the 1187 anyway (the local gunshop has ample amounts of used ones to choose from) but just out of curiousity.

Nice bird and dog lance, btw.

Thanks all for the suggestions too. I really appreciate it.
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