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I don't carry a day pack. I can put what I want to take in my coat. Sandwich, water, Advil, matches, and a sharp knife. I'm bad about forgetting toilet paper and having to cut my underwear off.

It's hard to get lost in the mountains if you pay attention to where you are in relation to the peaks. If you go down you will come to a trail, and if you keep going down you will come to a bigger trail. I suspect many of these go back to the Indians.

Biggest threat is if you crossover in to another drainage and don't notice the transition. Where I hunt that could get you on the other side of the divide.

The mountains are not a place to hunt alone. i don't mean sitting with your back to each other, but you need to know about where somebody is all the time, for both of you.

Little bull last year.

That orange pack my partner has weighs about 40 pounds. I thought he was moving up here.

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