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recoil is a factor of velocity, mass of ejecta and weight - by the time that the ejecta exits the barrel, then the action opens and lets it operate - this results in a longer (by milliseconds) push from the gun.

Take a 6# gun and a 9# gun - fire the same shell - 6# gun recoil is much greater

Take two equal weight guns except one is a gas gun - the gas gun will have the same exact amount of recoil, but will feel less because the gas action spreads the recoil out over a longer period of time

Take a heavy O/U and a little lighter gas gun....Actual is one thing, felt is another - that is up to each individual - you'll find many who will say a 7-1/2# gas gun recoils less than a 9# O/U - isn't so, but FELT recoil might seem that way
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