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Saiga 12 Good for winged hunting Dove, Quail, ect.

I have to speak up for the Saiga 12 on this thread, I am a fairly new owner of my Saiga 12 having bought it less than 6 months ago, However I have had a Mossberg 500 turkey pump for years. My Mossberg 500 Pump cannot even compare with the Saiga 12, for moving air targets, because of it's Gas Operation, and fast cycling rate. And My Saiga 12 is super accurate even though I use it's factory short sight radius. My first time shooting skeet with it, I showed up, along with 13 other dudes, most bringing more than one Shotgun, Several Remington Auto's, Mossberg Auto's, and an Ithaca. None could hang with my Saiga 12, It was my first time shooting the Saiga 12 for accuracy at a moving target in the air, and I hardly ever missed using the stock short radius sights. All the other guys were blown away, at it's accuracy and speed of shooting, We shot so much skeet, that two American shotguns broke down that day, My Saiga 12 ran flawlessly. I would put it up against any American shotgun for winged game hunting anyday. I just need to learn the laws of my state for mag capacity ect, before I hunt with it. But I own several firearms, and so far the Saiga 12 has been the funnest, most rounded all purpose, of all that I have purchased. And the Saiga 12 does not leave welps on my shoulder after firing 175-200 rounds of bird load...
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