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moved them to the fridge...

I moved them to the fridge tonight..still mussing around with the humidity controls...I have 4 (FOUR!) hygrometers, and they are all singing a different tune..pretty damn annoying.

Anyways, here's the pics of them in an extra fridge in my garage that I got for my sis a few years ago (and that's why the outside is not the prettiest), which will hopefully be their happy home for the next 2 months...

Rack moved to the fridge, humidifier goes in the fridge as well

Humidity Controller & a BUIS of sorts, ha..notice the vastly different readings

Wires for the electrical to the humidifier & the thermometer stripping added but surprisingly not needed

Temperature controller; turns the fridge on & off so it stays around 46 - 50..the orange light tells you the fridge is on, to cool down

I'll be adding a digital hygrometer that allows me to read it without having to open the door, supposedly it has an optional salt kit tha allows it to be very precise...wh th heck even knew such things existed??
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