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Shotgun fit is critical- you're wise to try and get a proper fit for her.

It's hard to shorten up a Mossberg 930 much, because the bolt return tube comes back almost to the recoil pad in the stock. A good gas operated semiauto is your best bet. A good used Remington 1100 should do OK, she should be able to get the job done with 2 3/4" loads but there are some 3" 1100s out there if you're willing to look for one. And a wood-stocked 1100 is little problem to get shortened enough to fit most anyone- the design still has a bolt return tube in the stock, but it doesn't go nearly as far back as the Mossberg 930.

For a short while Remington made a less expensive version of the 1100 called the Sportsman 12 Auto. Those turn up from time to time, and are usually good deals- worth looking for anyway.

Spring for a premium recoil pad too, it'll really help. Tell whoever is grinding the pad to fit that it's for your wife.

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