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Looking for a shotgun for my wife...


I'm looking to buy a semi auto 12 ga. shotgun for my wife. it will be used for duck and geese. I have a benelli nova for her, but it's a bit long. I'd like to spend about $500. Plan on selling the nova. The problem is, It's near impossible to find a gun that fits her! She's 5'3" and everything is too long. I was really looking into a mossy 930, but I can't find a replacement stock for it, I emailed mossberg about it, still waiting for a reply. She likes my dad's sbeII but I can't afford nor justify spending $1500 on a shotgun. I looked at a stoeger, but again no replacement stocks. There's the tristar viper youth, but i'm kind of scared of them, simply because I've never really heard of them. There's also a charles daly at the local gander for $250, but I've heard bad things about them. I cant really see buying a gun and ruining a good stock without having a backup, in case I ever wantt o sell. Every one we tried from remmy's to winnies to mossies and others have been too long. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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