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Made Dry Italian Sausage...with pics

First timer...I spent my Sunday doing it, with regular pork, but I would think wild boar works just as well...

Also, I tried making it the "recommended" way, with starter culture &'s not hard once you gather all the info, but it is a lot of digging and asking questions to get the info. Humidity, temperature, which culture to use & how to deploy it, how much of each ingredient, etc. etc...also can be a lot of equipment such as a humidity and refridgerator temperature controller...

Anyone else make these & have any tips?

I move these to the fridge tomorrow & I'll know in about 2 months if this worked ok, but so far they look good, wish me luck!



Poking holes to let air out

Fridge rack for drying...notice the 550 Cord!

View of total set up, with humidifier, fan, ice water, thermometer, humidity reader, blanket, box to keep the humidity locked in

After only 24 hours...I think I'm doing ok so far!
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