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Originally Posted by treefarmernc
Just wandering if the mid west laws only excluded .410 slugs from being used. I have always heard that with any slug there is the chance of the skipping stone effect if shot level with the ground. I only use them when shooting down from a stand.

Originally Posted by Pahoo
Thanks Old Grump !!!
This was a great link and looks to be pretty even on the states who can and those who can't use .410. Have never seen such a comprehensive listing. My compliments. Most of the states that prohibit .410, allow for centerfire rifles. Go figure ....
I have never heard of any "danger" being the reasoning for the ban on 410 shotguns. It's entirely a matter of power. The "powers that be" in the areas wherein it is banned believe that the 410 is not enough gun for deer.

I have also never heard of a slug being dangerous because of "skipping". Southern NY state was for many years shotgun only, and a large portion is still off limits to rifles. We hunt exclusively with shotguns of 20ga and larger using only single projectile loads.
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