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Wanted to post my experience with flying with Delta and 2 firearms declared.

I had posted some questions and thank you goes to "brickeyee" for answering them. They were on this thread but appear to have been deleted or something.

Anyways I flew yesterday (10/4/2009) on a Delta/NWA direct flight from FL to MN.

I contacted TSA and Delta to make sure I had all the rules down and it was easier and quicker then I imaged it would be.

1. I bought a Pelican 1300 case and 2 master lock shackle style locks for the case. These are not TSA locks. Per TSA's site they don't want anyone but you to be able to open the box.
2. I placed my locked box in my suitcase where I used TSA shackle locks on the suite case.
3. When I contacted Delta they said I should go to a ticket agent and not the kiosks. So I did she asked how I could help, I told her I was checking my back with 2 firearms. She said ok filled out a bright orange card. Had me open the locked Pelican box and I showed her the top gun and told her there was one underneith as well. I asked her if she needed me to show her they were unloaded and if she needed to see the second firearm and she said no. (she seems nervous). She had me sign the Orange tag and I locked up the Pelican case. She placed the tag inside my suite case and then I locked that with the TSA lock. She had me wait maybe 5 min if that and had me escourted over to the are where TSA scans the bags. The person that escorted me was a regular Delta person that was carting over some over sized bags to be scanned (golf bags). Took 5 min if that to walk over to the TSA guys I gave him my bag he asked if it was a hard sided box I said yes. He scanned it again less then a couple of minutes and said everything was ok.
4. When I arrived in MN my bag was with all the other checked bags in the luggage belt. My bag did have a TSA security inspection tape on it but I don't know if they put that on it after the scanned it or later.

Anyways I'm happy to say that I don't think it could of been any easier then that and I'm surprised I was not asked to show both guns were unloaded. I do have to say opening the gun case in the middle of the airport with people standing around and watching was a little weird but no one appeared to be freaked out.

Again thanks to "brickeyee" for answer my questions.
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