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Here we just call the local Alaska State Troopers office if it's on state/native land. If it's on Coast Guard property, a quick phone call to Military Police gets the job done.

I've reported suspected illegal activities on a few occasions, sometimes very late at night on weekends. I have almost always had a live person answer my call. One exception was when I called the AST office and got an answering machine. I left a message, but then called MILPOL and asked them to get in touch with the Troopers on the radio. Two Alaska State Troopers arrived at my location less than 10 minutes later. I've always gotten almost immediate response from both agencies. When I'm in a remote-ish location, it hardly ever takes more than a reasonable amount of time for an officer to arrive.

Kind of dangerous to do and I do not advise others to do the same, but once I observed someone deer hunting in Chiniak out of season, so I drove up the only access road a few miles and blocked it with my truck, jacked up one corner and pretended I had a flat tire until AST was able to make the long drive out there... The poacher never made contact with me, and was arrested without incident... Yes, I was heavily armed as was my rabbit hunting buddy...

Alaska takes illegal hunting/fishing activity very seriously. There are hefty fines and jail times for even "minor" offenses. I would advise that those interested in illegal hunting/fishing activities come up to Kodiak and give it a try... If AST or MILPOL doesn't catch you, a citizen likely will...
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