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Here in NC they tend to be alright for the most part. However, when it comes to the sand hills game areas, there were certain ones to have a history of being sorry. One warden wrote a man a ticket for not wherein his orange. The guy had just completed the hunt, already unloaded his gun, and even put it in it’s case. When the game warden who had just happen to pull up saw him take off his orange hat and place it on the hood of his truck while talking to his buddy (who had no gun), the warded jumped out and proceeded to ticket the guy. This took place on the side of a paved road on private land. This same warden would also turn a blind eye to his buddies’ clubs that were trespassing on other club’s lands and taking doe out of season.
Another guy who had been caught in the act of poaching at night was a well known and close friend of this warden. Of course the warden let his poacher buddy go and was even allowed to teach hunter safety courses. I guess his first safety rule is to have the game warden in your pocket.
Complaints were made about him and to my knowledge nothing was ever done about it. I don’t know if he is still there as I have not hunted that area much in the last 6 years.
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