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That looks very similar to my rifle with the exception of the front sight. Any particular reason for that?
Because they are both No4's. Your rifle has had the hand guard removed and the lower cut down to "sporterize" it. You can easily put it back to original because the barrel has not been cut. New front wood and barrel band would do it. OR you can just use it as is. You have the flip sight on your rifle. There are better sights that well fit, from hundreds of dollars for a Parker-Hale or a ladder style found on most No4Mk2's.

The different NO & Mk numbers can be very confusing to the new Enfield owner. There are dozens and dozens of variations of this basic rifle and all have their own No&Mk. At least a half dozen different manufacturers with different stamp #'s It takes awhile to take it all in.

If you have a good barrel I think you well find it to be a fairly accurate rifle. Mine all shoot 2-3moa, maybe better with a better rifleman.

Here's a 1955 manufactured No4Mk2. The cheek piece is added, it's from a Enfield"T" or "TR" model (sniper rifle) Your rifle basically looked like this when new.

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