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Our experence, which is rather exstensive because I am VERY quick to call them when some clown is stealing from the rest of us. It seems to me that guys who really go over the line make the rest of us look bad, that they give the antis unnecessasry ammunition and that in many instances they are stealing what they are to lazy to harvest legally or ethically.

In fact we called the FWC from the lake this morning on some clowns blatently breaking gator hunting regulation.

As for my experence with their responce, it's been good. Sure they have staffing problems at times, no way they can be in as many places as they need to be at once. And I expect too that at times they have to make a decision as to which call to answer because they are busy. This is normal stuff.

In general though, and this morning was no exception in that a lieutenant called us back in just a few minutes for more information on the problem. It's always struck me that they really want to keep things straight out there. If you call them they pay attention and do what they can.

The FWC officer who works the WMA we normally hunt is very organized. He makes a point of knowing who owns what truck, takes a few minutes to talk to all the hunters and seems to have a good idea of who the guys are who need watching.

And this is worth mentioning. Over the last decade or so it's gotten to the point that, at least here in FL., that FWC officers must have a college education and some military experence does not hurt either. And the training programs for the FWC are top notch. The point being that the guys you see in the field, with no disrespect to the older officers implied, are top nothc folks. Add experence, which is a invaluable asset the older officers have to share with them, and the end result is a force that is to be appreciated.
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