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I thought the letter was fine, tho I agree the auto accident comparison was out of place ... however ... do (the collective) you believe there is value in writing to such gun haters as Feinstein, Boxer et al and trying to convince them they're wrong? I have believed for some time that politicians take stands based on who they want to vote for them ... CA being the loony bin it is, Feinstein and Boxer are acting in their own best interest, IE, getting re-elected so they don't have to actually get a job ... and if you really think about it, they're probably doing exactly what their constituents (at least the majority of them) want them to do. Isn't that what representative govt is all about? I don't like gun-banners and would never vote for one, hard to fault pols who vote in line with what the folks at home want.
"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants." Albert Camus
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