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Around here I haven't required their services, so I don't know. But, I was surprised by the response I got when I was living in the Golden State.

My best hunting friend went pheasant hunting on opening day. We went to this public hunting spot because the weekend before, fish and game had a junior pheasant hunt there. They planted several hundred birds for that. Yes, I know planted pheasants are not the same as the "real" wild ones, but in California you must make due.

Our brilliant idea was apparently shared by many, many other hunters. The parking areas looked more like the parking lot of WalMart on Christmas Eve. We knew it was going to a cluster#@&*, you know what. Their wasn't a warden to be seen.

In California, legal shooting hours for pheasant begins at 8:00am. As my friend and I was waiting for the legal time, as were many other hunters, some guys were already hunting by 6:00am. Some guys were even leaving the field with their limits. I tried calling the 1-800 Stop Poaching number, I got a recording that said to call back during "normal" business hours, which would have been Monday morning. That recording, plus everything else, had me ticked off. We hunted for about twenty minutes because the sound of birdshot bouncing off a hunting vest is unnerving.

I did call Fish and Game that next Monday to complain about the whole fiasco. The woman on the line assured me that the complaint would forwarded to enforcement department and that it would be addressed. I had as much confidence in that reply as I have in the current administration solving any problem any more complex then opening a jar of peant butter.

One year latter, we decided to be at the same spot. We wanted to see if fish and game had repsonded. Like the year before, it was a zoo. Unlike the year before, a couple of wardens were their patrolling. They were even warning hunters that shooting time began at 8:00am.

I have to give them credit, they did respond. In fact, I saw more then a few hunters pack and leave before shooting started. Dollars to doughtnuts they were unlicensed idiots.

At least once, in California, they did all right.
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