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Warden Response

How good are the fish and game wardens in your in responding to possible poaching situations. Around here, unfortunaely, they are poor.

Several bird seasons are going open in the next few weeks. Last weekend I was hearing shotguns blasts coming from an area that has one of these birds. If those guys were shooting the birds, they were violating the law. Who knows, they could have been out plinking with their shotguns or shooting some sort of legal vermin. On the other hand, poaching was a possiblility.

I tried to report them. I even used the number they have on billboards all over the state asking for help in stopping illegal hunting activities. Being it was a Saturday, I got a voice mail box to leave a detailed message about what I was witnessing. I did.

The shooting stopped eventually because of night fall. Or maybe they ran out of targets or ammo. This is not the first time I got this kind of response from the hunting police. I almost feel like turning their highway billboards into long range targets, not really, but the thought makes me feel better.

Has anyone here ever tried to report poachers? Can you reach "live" people on the weekend? How well did your wildlife agency respond?
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