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well ya got blued guns ranging from parked to jewel like finish, then ya got stainless guns with varying finishes, then ya got stocks from plain wood to museum furniture grade. ya got different synthetic stocks painted in just about every color of the rainbow and some with all colors combined in various patterns and designs. add to that engraving on both gun and stock. ya got single shots, bolts, and levers and semi autos and full autos. you have military and civilian types of guns. and what about scopes and all the other aftermarket sighting devices. ya got pistol calibers and standard calibers and magnum calibers and now even short magnum calibers. ya have calibers ranging from .17 cal to 50 cal. and then you have custom guns.

what would happen to all these gun and ammo manufacturers and magazines we all read if all the gun gurus printed that all anyone needs is a .22, a 30/30 and a 12 guage. the economy and the gun world as we know it would come to an end.

and yeah, i have 18 different rifle calibers so i guess their advertising works
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