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I have no issue with personal preference but let's be straight. Winchester died off, which had nothing to do with the model 94. For right at the end, they had revamped the model 94 with a new tang safety, several new configurations and new cartridge offerings. The 94 was going through a revival or rebirth of sorts and was ALWAYS a strong seller. It was all the short, fat, super duper, extra short & fat magnum foolishness and poor management that sank Winchester. The model 94 just went down with the ship


I agree 100% with the above. I don't believe there should be any question about the quality of the Model 94 from the last 20yrs...arguably the best ever made. With it's side ejection from the bolt allowing for a low mount scope, this gun was up to date for what it was..light, fast and extreamly well balanced. Winchester will alway's be King of the Lever action rifle regardless of the die hard Marlin owners who don't prefer a legend rifle that went out at the top of it's game.
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