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Walther Model 9

My Mom carried a Walther Model 9 in her pocket during WWII (3 Years) while she was in North Africa and Italy after Anzio.

General George Patton Requires all his Army Nurse Lts to be armed at all times. It was his SOP to arm them with Walther pistols from Captured German Officers. She got this great little Model 9. I used to play with it when I was little. Now she is in assisted living and she gave it to me for safe keeping. Interesting fact on this one is -- she carried it during her whole life in her purse - well before CC was becoming a fad. Never took a step outside without is - just in case GP might show up for an inspection.

Does this qualify for a C&R weapon?

It is 100% original and still functions and shoots great.

Just thought someone might find this interesting. I have my Dad's original issue 1911, as well.
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