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General all purpose is pretty open. I'll tell what I would get. I would look at a Remington 1187 as they come with a 3" chamber or an 1100 super mag if you feel you need 3 1/2.

I have a Beretta 390 (12 years now). I have many thousand rounds through it. 4 weeks ago I was shooting dove in south AL and this week geese, upland and ducks in Saskatchewan. Of course I shot 2 3/4 for upland and 3's for waterfowl. It has a 26" barrel with a Highflyer modified choke that stays in it all the time whether shooting trap, sporting clays or birds. To me it is a gp gun. They are pricey these days, hence the vote for a Remington. The point is shell versatility and semi auto.

A 3 1/2 1100 would give you more punch for coyotes, turkeys and geese. A pump gun shooting 3 1/2's will hurt. I went through 12 boxes of 3's and was glad that I had a semi to eat some of the recoil.

If bad guys come knocking - I have buckshot ready...

I'd focus on your purpose, if trap and home protection then pump is fine. If you think you may end up shooting a lot, get a semi. After thousands of rounds the only parts I've replaced are the recoil spring and mag tube spring. Did it 2 weeks ago as a precaution.
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