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Hauck Rifles - Single Shot Custom Rifles

I am looking for any information on the custom single shot rifles built by Wilbur J Hauck of Arlington, Vermont, in the 1950s/1960s. I actually owned one (caliber .250 Hauck Magnum - a Ackley-type .25-06, serial number 38) back about 30 years ago, but stupidly let it slip through my fingers. I have heard that the actions were actually made in Germany to his specs and he then built the rifle around it but this is only hearsay. I have also heard a reference to someone named Matteson who shared ???? the patent on this action. All of the info is vague and I would like to add some accurate documentation on Hauck to my library.

BTW, if anyone wants to part with a Hauck single, I am a willing buyer!
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