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I won't argue with anyones top ten list except to say that a 12 Guage Remington Model 11 semi-auto shotgun or it's very close relative, the three shot Remington "Sportsman" model shotgun would be on mine. These very well-made guns were designed by none other than the great John Browning who considered this particular design to be his best achievement (i.e. not his model 1911 45 pistol). A million or so of these shotguns were manufactured by Remington between 1911 and 1948 and are still widely availiable today because they were quality guns that held up to rugged use. They are C&R eligible and these days they can be found at gun shows going for $250 or less - an incredible price for a gun of this quality. This is sort of like buying a well maintained 55 Chevy hardtop for $1000 or less. Deals like this don't last, and I look for these fine old shooters to greatly appreciate in value in the coming years.
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